Ephraim Maciira Mathenge | Consultant

Real-Estate Projects

Ephraim is a real- estate projects developer with over 25 years’ worth of experience in the same.

He has been the head of the Real-Estate departments in the various firms he worked in since 1996 and as a result, he has gained invaluable insight in the afore-mentioned areas with an emphasis on real – estate projects, securitizations, incorporation of real-estate companies, creation of Joint Venture Agreements between developers and land owners and the preparation of general contracts for the professionals involved in such projects.

In his experience, Ephraim has further successfully represented both corporate and private clients in the development of such projects from the point of obtaining land Rent and Rates Clearance Certificates, consents from the Land Control Board, making payment for registration and attaching all the necessary documents, lodging the same for registration and pursuing the registration process.

He has worked with the Valuation and Survey Departments, is highly conversant with the processes conducted in these Departments and is knowledgeable regarding the process of Change of User, Amalgamation, Partitioning and Sub-division of land.

Currently, he is the founder and C.E.O of a real-estate Company by the name Ephrah Realty.